Celebrated Sandro Cavazza goes on extensive spring tour

By on January 10, 2019

In 2018 he was the voice that was streamed most times on Spotify in Sweden. He has also dominated top lists as a solo artist and in several different constellations (Estrad, Kygo, Avicii) and nominated for both the Newcomer of the Year and the Year’s Song on P3 Gold. Sandro Cavazza rounded off a strong 2018 on top and begin in 2019 with a comprehensive spring tour.

Info about tickets at LiveNation.se

In 2018 was “Without You”, Aviciis hit with Sandro Cavazza, the most streamed song on Spotify in Sweden. On Spotify’s annual top lists, we also found Sandro at Kygos “Happy Now” and with his own hit “High With Somebody” he topped the lists for weeks during the summer of 2018. The latter made success with the Swedish people and as a receipt for this, the single has been nominated for the Song of the Year in P3 Gold. Sandro himself can take home the prize as the Future Artist.

Last autumn, Sandro stood on arena scenes in front of thousands of people in Asia when he toured with Kygo. The summer at home in Sweden also offered great crowds during a busy tour. Now Sandro is up to date with the new song “Used To”, a feeling storm that once again proves his ability as a songwriter.

In the spring, Sandro takes the step from the large audience to an exclusive and intimate tour through Sweden. Information on tickets can be found at www.livenation.se.

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment