Celebrated Norwegian guest play for young people to Kulturhuset Stadsteatern

By on September 12, 2017
Bilge Öner

How does a young, black, bisexual woman navigate in today’s society? In Pavlovs Tispe norwegian Camara Joof brings her audience on a personal trip out in the world and back again. After 184 performances played for schools in Norway and Denmark comes now the critically acclaimed monologue to Stockholm and guest plays at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern in Skärholmen, September 21 to October 28.

Pavlovs Tispe is a standup theater on the consequences of exclusion. Camara Joof, together with director Kai Johnsen, has created a performance that revolves around events in her own life.

– The audience will be able to share my personal experiences and reflections from adolescence, through Oslo into the world and back again. The performance is about among other things with which gaze we look at each other, about power, language, and how the world around forms one’s identity, says Camara Joof.

“And I care very much about what people think about me. When I moved to Oslo, I never sat next to other people with immigrant backgrounds on the bus or subway. I was terrified that the others on the bus would think we were a “gang”. I am helping old ladies with carrying cases, holding up doors and saying thousand thank you, you are welcome and no problem. And I don,t do it to feel better, but I do it so you’ll see that I’m a fantastic example of a human being.” (Excerpt from the show.)

Camara Joof is a singer, actor, dramatist and pedagogue. The critically acclaimed Pavlovs Tispe is her first solo performance and has now been played for over 20,000 young people in Norway and Denmark.

Kai Johnsen has developed and directed a host of performances on scenes both in Norway and abroad. She is famous for her many years of collaboration with Jon Fosse.

The performance is played in Norwegian with elements of other Scandinavian languages and English.

By and with Camara Joof
Regi Kai Johnsen

Produced by: The multi-stage AS in collaboration with Brageteatret and BUL/Nynorsken’s house.
Skärholmen Premiere 21 September 2017 (played in Skärholmen 21/9-28/10)
From: 15 years

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Skärholmen