Candy People launches two unique news

By on March 2, 2017

For a little over 100 years ago, we set off on our first trade trip – a trip that was to find the most delicious that nature has to offer. The trip took us to the other side of the earth and back with us, we had tea, coffee, cocoa, chocolate, confectionery and spices of all kinds. Although much has happened since then so consists our will and passion for finding and sharing nature’s glorious pantry and now begin our journey with Talandas chocolate coated coffee beans.

Talanda coffee beans is a completely new product from Candy People! It is chocolate-coated coffee beans in two different flavors; Truffles and Cinnamon in 45g bag. A unique and natural product, even if you do not drink coffee you will guaranteed fall in love with these good beans!

Available to buy from w.7 at Pressbyrån and 7 -eleven stores.

Food & Beverage | Stockholm