Bruce Springsteen Birthday Bash at Southside Pub

By on September 17, 2019

On Monday, September 23, we celebrate that The Boss is 70 years old. We do this together with Bockarna Bruce and Alexandra Jardvall in The Southside Cavern (Southside Pub, Zinkensdamm, Södermalm, Stockholm). Maybe a quiz. Maybe there is the opportunity for those who want to exhibit drawings or their own taken pictures of our great idol.

Bockarna Bruce
Bockarna Bruce is the band that has successfully interpreted Bruce Springsteen since 2008 in their own down-scaled but raw way. The band started out as a trio in 2007 and has mostly played in and around the Stockholm area in places such as Engelen, Stampen, Nalen, BigBen and Wonderbar. Since the celebrated concert at Nalen 2017, Bockarna has played both abroad and in various locations around Sweden.

Since 2012, the band consists of Torsten Vikström (vocals – bass), Anders Lönnö (guitar – vocals), Anders Björk (drums – vocals) and Björn Olsén (saxophone – vocals – vocals).

In May 2013, two celebrated gigs were performed at Modi’s next to the Friends arena for Bruce Springsteen’s concerts. Bockarna Bruce is mentioned in the European edition of Rolling Stone Magazine.

Alexandra Jardvall
Alexandra Jardvall is a singer / songwriter and is known for being an amazing singer and artist. She has released two records with her own songs but is also known as a Springsteen interpreter of rank. Her latest writing from 2016 – Aurora Skies.

Alexandra has toured extensively in Sweden, Norway and Finland. She is known for her entertaining cover plays based on the music of her influences Elvis Presley, Robbie Williams, Live, Pearl Jam, Tom Petty, Emmylou Harris and her greatest love of her life – Bruce Springsteen. When she got the opportunity to see Bruce Springsteen on Broadway, she brought her guitar and became famous in NY when a police officer came and wanted to yam with her.

Don’t miss when Bockarna Bruce and Alexandra Jardvall celebrates The Boss at Southside Pub Monday 23 September 2019.

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