Brothers create their own world

By on September 27, 2019

Brothers launches “A Brothers world”, a world where men do not hold back their clothing style or their emotions.

Swedish men have a clear desire to dress more personally and creatively. It shows a study that the men’s clothing chain Brothers has developed. But far from everyone dares to go beyond the tight limits of how men are expected to dress and be. Brothers wants to change this by launching “A Brothers world” – a world free of macho ideals, stereotypes and unwritten rules about how men should dress and relate to their emotions. With the new world, Brothers also wants to move from being a well-dressed costume destination to a place for more casual and casual fashion.

– We believe in a world where all men feel more alive, creative and free to create their own style. Where we break away from the norms of how men should dress and dare to show emotions. Classic, masculine fashion can easily be perceived as stiff, traditional and slightly boring. We want to change that, says Oscar Arrsjö, Marketing Manager at Brothers.

Brothers’ own world is being launched in conjunction with the autumn collection being released in stores. In the first campaign, “A Brothers world” is contrasted with the strict, hard and traditional men’s world “A man’s world”.

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