Broken Door releases new single Addicted

By on January 20, 2017

Broken Door continues their musical journey with releasing a new single “Addicted”, this is the last single in an trilogy, followed by the EP “Colours” at the beginning of April.

On the song Addicted the duo has worked with multi-platinum producer Mattias Andreasson (Albin, Danny and others), which resulted in a fantastic collaboration and new sound.

The songwriter Pier Schmid describes Addicted:
“Having a longing, a hunger, a drive to want to experience dreams. One of my passions when I was growing up was football. I did everything I could to make time so I could train tricks with a ball. There was curiosity, energy, playfulness, and it was always with a smile on his face. I found that later on in life with the music! Passion and happiness was the basic idea that eventually shaped the song Addicted.”

The singer Tobias Östlund get the question. What you burn for?
“There’s a lot I’m passionate about, but the music has always been my inner compass. The feeling that comes when you pick up the guitar and disappears into the music’s fantastic world is unbeatable. It’s like everything stops and nothing else exists. Music is a primal force that is difficult to explain, it must be experienced!”

In the studio, the production Addicted had to be polished and eventually it became an idea about ​​contrasts. That idea ended up in two versions of the song. It felt completely natural to have an acoustic version that enhances passion and an original version that enhances happiness. Passion and happiness is the basis for the song Addicted!

Listen to Addicted >>

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