Bread in desire and need 6 – 7 October

By on October 3, 2018

The first weekend in October is about bread and grain on Skansen. In Väla school you can learn about the types of grain, in the Skånegården, the mysteries of the sourdough are dealt with and in the iron dealership you can view the newly purchased and modern electric stove.

Year of famine bread with acorns
During year of famine they had to eke out the flour. In Älvrosgården you can see how the family did bark bread in the 1830s. The corn flour was mixed with bark and potatoes. The year of famine in 1867, the family in the hallandsk Oktorpsgården was using acorns to eke out the bread.

Gorån to dinner offer
The young couple in Boktryckarbostaden awaits guests for Sunday dinner. Mamsell is full of preparation in the kitchen and makes freshly baked rolled wafers in the fireplace. Time here is the 1840s.

Help to grind
In Back Mats cabin at Moragården, all children are welcome to grind and bake as in the old days.

Flatbread baking
In Bagarstugan, flatbread of grain is baked in the wood-burning oven.

Rye cakes and storage bread
In Väla school you learn the difference between rye, wheat, grains and oats. Teacher’s wife cooks rye cakes in the iron stove. Across the road, the statar wife has baked rye bread from its flour ration. It is called storage bread and the time is 1920s.

Buy home a bread
In the Bakery of the City Quarter, a unique sourdough bread is sold anno 1877 with rye, seville orange and fennel, but also linseed loafs and tailor cakes.

Sourdough bread with master baker Manfred Enoksson
Mother Bengta in Skånegården bakes sourdough bread in the stone oven. Here you can also meet the sourdough pioneer Manfred Enoksson from Saltå Kvarn. He tells about the Swedish sourdough tradition and how to put a rye sourdough using a sourdough starter that is distributed on the spot. He also shows old cereal varieties, such as dinkel, emmer and öland wheat.

The modern cake
At the iron traders family there is the 1930s and in the newly purchased the electric stove they are baking coffee bread with high precision.

Bread in desire and need lasts 6-7 October

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm