Book a meeting room. Get an Italian courtyard with Millesfountain on the purchase.

By on May 4, 2017

At Stockholm’s most classical business address is the Tändstickspalatset located. Once upon a time performed for Ivar Kreuger, the world’s then richest man. Today, a place with beautifully decorated meeting rooms and a lovely Italian courtyard.

Everything is adapted to today without any beautiful detail from yesterday being lost. In the nine meeting rooms there is room for 2 to 60 people. Among the rooms is the beautiful and well-equipped auditorium (Kreugersalen), worthy of any connection.

On the main floor, in Kreuger’s old bankroom, is the dining room where a business lunch is served every day. There is also the possibility to have lunch in a “chambre séparée” if the meeting needs it. In the lounge, one floor up, gets meeting participants with different backgrounds and experiences on well together round the sofa groups.

Regardless of the number of meeting participants, all guests have access to the inner courtyard. Perhaps the meeting day ends with a drink. Perhaps it is the place for today’s first coffee break. Maybe it is here the lunch is taken. All requests are handled and met by the booking.

“Getting to know the beautiful inner courtyard is the easiest way to visit Italy as we know,” says Sanna Gernandt at Lundqvist & Lindqvist, and continues: “Many guests feel that the courtyard can put a real gold border on an important context”

At you can read more about Tändstickspalatset and all possibilities.

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