Blood donors needed

By on October 19, 2016

Every day, twenty women in Sweden are diagnosed with breast cancer. During the intensive treatment are many affected of anemia, and need to get blood to continue with medication and chemotherapy. Blood is perishable which only lasts six weeks and more blood donors are needed in the county.

Every minute, it takes a blood bag in the Swedish health care – and half of them going to seriously ill people, many of whom have cancer. Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women with more than 8 000 diagnoses per year. It represents 30 percent of all cancers in women. Some types of cancer treatment inhibits the formation of blood in the body which can cause low blood count and that the sick feeling even worse. Blood transfusions can then help the patient feel better and have more energy.

In case of severe chemotherapy treatment needed blood transfusions from blood donors for the patient to cope. Many are so weak that they can not continue treatment until they have received a blood transfusion. For those who are sick and gets the blood increases the quality of life significantly. Instead of lying in a hospital bed gets the strength to live more normal and spend time with loved ones, said Maria Kvist, assistant chief of the Blood Centre in Stockholm.

Major focus on breast cancer in October

Cancer Society’s Pink Ribbon campaign conducted during October of each year to help raise money for cancer research and disseminate knowledge about cancer prevention and breast cancer. Blood Centre in Stockholm supports the campaign and want to involve more people to give blood.

“Blood transfusions save lives and improve the health of many people and therefore it is vital that we have many blood donors”, says Maria Kvist.

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