Blåsarsymfonikerna premiere Molly Kiens Jellyfish Lake

By on April 3, 2018
Jonas Jörneberg

Concert: Swedish festival yra!
Date: Saturday 14th of April at 15.00
Concert hall: Stora salen, Musikaliska Nybrokajen 11
Contributors: Soloist: Johanna Nilsson, oboe – Blåsarsymfonikerna
Conductor: Cathrine Winnes

The 14th of April gives the consert Swedish festival yra! with Blåsarsymfonikerna under the leadership of chief executive Cathrine Winnes. The program includes the Albert Schnelzers Azraeel Suite, Hugo Alfvéns Midsommarvaka and Lille Bror Söderlundh’s Concertino for oboe with the soloist Johanna Nilsson, the spring’s orchestra profile. The concert also offers a first performance – Molly Kiens Jellyfish Lake, ordered by Blåsarsymfonikerna and Kvast on the occasion of Kvast’s 10th anniversary. Blåsarsymfonikerna received the 2011 equality prize Guldkvasten for “for the first time in the world’s history, having performed an equal orchestral season with as many works of men and women from the Middle Ages and beyond”, which also caused cooperation on Molly Kien’s newly written work.

Molly Kien about Jellyfish Lake:
– I started composing the work without any out-musical thoughts. But after writing about half subparagraph I realized that something in the pulsating rhythm of the percussion made me think of jellyfish, and at the same time I discovered that there was a lake in Palau filled with millions of harmless jellyfish and, in fact, that you can swim in. There was no trip to Palau, so I had to use the imagination to recreate a musical swim in a jellyfish filled lake. 

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm