Blackberries herring and pheasant sausage news on Tyrol’s Christmas table

By on November 7, 2017

From November 30 until Christmas Eve on December 24th, Tyrol dish up wild delicacies and classic Christmas food at the 35 meter long Christmas table – a tradition that has not changed since its inception in 1983. The year’s news consisted of, among other things, blackberries herring, pheasant sausage, reindeer pastrami and oven-baked rainbow fillet with saffron and carnation. Among the desserts, saffron cheesecake with cowberry and chocolate and cinnamon glasses are some of the delicious news.

For 34 years, Tyrol’s own chefs have refined meat, fish, birds and berries on one of Sweden’s best and biggest Christmas tables. The majority of the dishes served are made from their own recipes and the chefs are working closely with faithful Lapland suppliers to find the finest ingredients for their over 200 taste experiences. The classic bear meatballs, moose steak, the hut smoked mountain char, the souvas baked salmon and the åkerbär ice cream is found traditionally on the Christmas table.

This year, they are accompanied by new flavors such as blackberrie herring, lightly roasted pheasant sausage, reindeer pastrami, oven-baked rainbow fillet with saffron and carnation and sourish red cabbage with ankillette.

On the dessert table you will find over 70 delights, including saffroncheesecake with cowberry, chocolate and cinnamon glass, gingerbread glass, pear with cognac and vanilla, vanilla panna cotta with forest berries and cupcakes with apple and cinnamon are some of the news.

Since 2011, an appreciated vegan menu with delicacies from the wild, such as berries, mushrooms and other goodies is also offered.

Tyrol’s Christmas table has premiere on November 30th and is served until christmas lunch on Christmas Eve.

Helena Olofsson, Food & Beverage | Stockholm