Bjorn Gustafson and Meg Westergren meet at Soup Theatre

By on November 26, 2016
On December 7, the first performance of Little longing, simply at Soup Theatre – where Björn Gustafson and Meg Westergren meet in a piece about daring, before it is too late. The play is written by Karin Thunberg, the director is Hugo Hansén.

This is Hugo Hanséns sixth premier in this year, he has previously made circus (Sirqus Alfonsina), rock musicals (Hedwig and the Angry Inch), opera (My Happy Life) Norén (Night is the mother), a play without replicas (Speak is Silver) and now he directs Little longing, simply. Hugo has worked with Bjorn Gustafson and Meg Westergren earlier in the play Last summer (2010).

It’s such a privilege to work with Meg and Björn, says Hugo Hansén. Not only that they carry almost the entire 1900s Swedish theater history within themselves, in their memories. They are also excellent actor. And they take on the task as they’ve never played theater before. With the same zeal, concern and desire. I hope that the audience will be as touched and influenced by the show, that I was of them in rehearsals.

Karin Thunberg is a journalist, writer and playwright. She has written the plays One day I’ll tell about mom and Hope or I’ll paint my nails red and fight against death and dramatized Felicia disappeared at the Culture City Theatre. The idea for the two characters in Little longing, simply came unexpectedly.

Suddenly, they just appeared and demanded to tell their stories. That was how it felt, says Karin Thunberg. Behind all the words was the life lies, the secrets. And it was really interestingand I was in love with them. Both.


First performance December 7th at Klara soup theater

By: Karin Thunberg
Director: Hugo Hansén
Participants: Björn Gustafson & Meg Westergren
Set and lighting: Lars Östbergh
Costume: Gudrun Rosnes
Mask: Kjerstin Elg

Matilda Rahm
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