Birgitta Egerbladh makes her debut at the Royal Dramatic Theatre

By on March 16, 2017

Birgitta Egerbladh making dance theater with texts by Klungman members Mattias Fransson and Sven Björklund. First performance on Lejonkulan on 8 April.

– Now is the time to move up a gear!
– But my engine has not even started … It needs electricity and sweets.
(From the show.)

Bråttom bråttom is a dance theater performance about being a child when adults are on the road and has many must-haves and appointments. There is so much to do and discover, but the time is not enough. You must increase speed when you would rather throw stones, sit still and imagine or run around, round, round. To say nothing about jumping in bouncy sofas. And there’s so much to think about. Bråttom bråttom is a mini existential performance for children (and adults).

The text is written by Mattias Fransson and Sven Björklund from the humor group Klungan. For directing and choreography stands Birgitta Egerbladh who in her work starts from our everyday body language – in this case, she examines the way in which children move and react to their environment.

Filip Alexanderson
Hamadi Khemiri
Marie Richardson
Nadia Weiss

Direction, choreography and music Birgitta Egerbladh
Dramaturgy Marie Persson Hedenius
Text Mattias Fransson and Sven Björklund
Sets and costumes Magdalena Åberg

First performance April 8, Young Royal Dramatic Theater, Lejonkulan

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