Binding free membership and swimming hottest form of training – training year 2017 at the Medley

By on January 2, 2017

Binding free membership, training discounts for seniors and students, and a promise that every visit will make you a little happier – it is some of the news Medley presents for 2017. At the same time noted that swimming remains one of the most popular types of exercise.

We want the training to be simple and accessible to everyone. The feeling after a visit to a Medley facility is that you become a little happier. Therefore, we promise workout that makes you happy, explains Medleys commercial director Niclas Ingwall.

Medley has renamed the membership forms from Gold, Silver and Bronze to Sweden Always and Weekday. Now also introduced membership Flex, which has no binding period. As usual, two months’ notice. From January 2017 offered 15% discount on all memberships for seniors and students.

In 2017, Medley launch several new exercises that are designed for seniors.

We focus on pensioners because we see that there are individuals who are attracted by our wide offer from training in the water to customized fitness and social areas as café and relaxation area, says Niclas Ingwall.

Swimming, fitness and exercise have had a broad impact during the past few years. Even in 2017 foretell Medley an increase.

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