Big saxophone feast

By on January 8, 2018

Big saxophone feast with first performance by Christian Lindberg’s “Rhapsody for Rainman”!

On 28th of January, Sweden’s Saxophonelite meets in Musikalska’s premises for the annual instrument gormandize, which this year focuses on the saxophone. The arrangement, organized by County Music, concludes a three-day convention aimed at highlighting the instrument, enabling saxophonists, both professionals and amateurs, to fully engage in the instrument through workshops, seminars and masterclasses.

At the concert participates all course member, Blåsarsymfonikerna, Blåsarsymfonikernas saxofonkvartett, the saxophone quartet Rollin ‘Phones, soloists Jonas Knutsson and Rafael Sida Huizar, as well as Blåsarsymfonikernas chief conductor Cathrine Winnes. The repertoire includes Ann-Sofi Söderqvist’s Quest and Mikael Råberg’s Folkvisesvit. Christian Lindberg’s new opus Rhapsody for Rainman, a kind of modern concerto grosso, commissioned by County Music in Stockholm to Blåsarsymfonikerna and Blåsarsymfonikernas saxofonkvartett, is first performed at the concert. Christian Lindberg about “Rhapsody for Rainman”:

– I’ve written tones and templates that are just beyond the limits of the possible, and it is also here that the overwhelmed” Rainman “comes into the picture. Dustin Hoffman’s ingenious interpretation of the person Rainman in the movie with the same name is the basis for the tone, both the more sad elements in the beginning and the middle of the paragraph, but also the little sad and crazy parties towards the end. The breathtakingly difficult passengers can represent the breathtaking fact that a man like “Rainman” could learn the whole phone directory by heart. 

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm