Better health with electric bicycle

By on December 13, 2018

Now it is documented that the positive effects of the electric cycle can be proved.

When the municipality of Jönköping presents the results of its investment in benefit bicycle to its employees in a report, they show that the electric bicycle commuting has increased from 3% to 48%.
In the surveys made by the municipality in connection with the benefit bicycle, clear effects on employees’ perceived health are shown and that they choose to transport more environmentally-friendly after applying for a benefit bicycle.

The concept of benefit bicycles applies to traditional bicycles as well as electric bicycles, where bicycles with electric assistants have been attractive for training as well as a means of transport for commuting. The survey shows that especially the employees who chose to get an electric bike changed their commute habits. There the electric bicycle replaced almost every day for 30 percent of users. 23 percent replaced the car several times a week and 20 percent once or twice a week. The figures are valid for the summer semester. The survey also shows that the one who cycles the electric bicycle to a greater extent, continue cycling in wintertime.

Vehicle selection during the cycling season, development before and with benefit bicycle:
Electric bicycle as a commuter vehicle + 45%
Car as commuter vehicle – 28%
Commuting by public transport – 9%

Among women, the electric bicycle contributes to reducing the number of rarely or never exercising and doubles the proportion of exercise 4-7 times a week!
In the group that increased their exercise, 44% of men and 66% of women report that they use an electric bicycle for training and exercise.

– In the report from the municipality of Jönköping, we get further support in our conviction of the electric bicycle as a means of the future, a product that is good for both health and the Environment, says Jonas Netterström, CEO Cycleurope Sverige AB.

– We have always believed and focused on the development of the electric bicycle, and this report, as well as several other shows positive effects on society as more people discover bicycles and, above all, electric bicycle as a means of transport, said Jonas.

Cycleurope Sverige AB, based in Varberg, develops and produces Swedish-made bicycles under its own brands Crescent and Monark.

Helena Olofsson, Training & Health