Bernt Eriksson exhibits sculpture, from 8 to 27 September

By on July 11, 2018

Birds – The exhibition consists of stone, bronze and aluminum sculptures.

There, Bernt wants to give an insight into bird characters by shaping the character traits of different birds in shape and material. It can be a powerful bird of prey with bent beak made of hard porphyry or a slender hedge made of light and shiny aluminum.

Bernt Eriksson was born in 1944, lives in Bålsta and has worked with art for over 30 years. Nowadays he works with sculpture, mainly in stone, but also in terracotta, wood and bronze. Bernt’s main workplace is on the sculptor Sam Westerholm’s stone farm outside Nynäshamn.

For his stone sculptures, he uses natural stone, where the stone’s form of origin provides a prerequisite for final construction, often with organic forms as a result. Ever since his first contact with stone sculpture, he is fascinated by how the hard stone easily makes it form. In addition to his previous craftsmanship, Bernt, besides the purely formal result, also sees the importance of a well-crafted craft. The favorite stone is diabas which, with its graphic blackness, give a powerful expression on surfaces and different levels.

Bernt Eriksson exhibits at the Galleri Hantverket from 8 to 27 September at Götgatan 63 in Stockholm.

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