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By on August 27, 2017

Berns works with senses and happiness hormones daily, so why not throw in some endorphins in it? We can proudly tell you about the collaboration between Berns and the personal trainer and health profile Hannah Andersson, Fashionablefit. For three months, from 4/9, we offer exclusive training experiences that previously isn’t done in Stockholm.

Bern’s hotel manager Alessandra Zannin about the cooperation with Fashionablefit?
To me it is always important to spread, to everthing and everyone, that Berns is so much more than just a restaurant with crystal chandeliers. We are something completely unique, with a great story, some of the world’s most beautiful premises, two top restaurants, night club, a small boutique hotel and much, much more. There is always something happening on Berns and it is in our story and in our DNA to have the courage to make new things and to stand out. When I came into contact with Hannah who was looking for new premises, the cooperation felt obvious! We work with senses and happiness hormones daily, so why not throw in some endorphins in it.

Hannah Fashionablefit, what does it mean for you to cooperate with Berns?
It is big! Berns to me is iconic and a cooperation partner you dream about. Getting Fashionablefit Training to Bern’s attractive premises feels unique and innovative. My relationship with Berns is about fun. Here I have been hanging out and been dancing with friends for several years. Now we will do the same and create the same euphoria that you get a lovely evening at the club, though daytime through training.

Alessandra, how does Berns and training go together?
In every way! Training is happiness, community, love for music, high pulse and sweaty bodies. For me, it sounds like a regular club night at Berns. Hence, it feels so great fun to combine these two.

Hanna Fashionablefit, what do you look mostly forward to?
I look tremendously forward to creating exclusive training experiences that our customers will soon forget. The energy and pleasure we have experienced at Berns at night we want to create in the same rooms during the daytime. It will be a fall of much energy and pepp in Bern’s inspiring environments. And as a participant you can expect a unique training experience that has not been done in Stockholm earlier.

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