Bernadotte Art Awards is awarded to fashion designer Amanda and Pär

By on June 6, 2018

Amanda Borgfors Mészáros is newly graduated from the Fashion Program where Pär Engsheden, fashion designer, is program manager. The apprentice and master are two of the five talents who receive the Bernadotte Art Awards 2018.

Handicraft-based internship
Amanda Borgfors Mészáros works based on a craft-based practice where quality is always superior to quantity. Hand sewing and hand embroidery are often mixed with machine sewing, where material selection plays a crucial role. Material like vegetable waste leather is often present as well as a newly-found favorite-woven band, which she overlaps to create sculptural garments and thus greatly reduces waste in manufacturing.

“Being awarded the Bernadotte Art Award means unbelievably much to me, especially considering where I am at the moment, at the beginning of my career. I’m incredibly grateful that my way of getting acclaimed and rewarded,and that gives me the will to work more,” – says Amanda.

Collections shown around the world
Her previous collections from Beckmans have been shown at the Stockholm Fashion Week, at Copenhagen Fashion Week in the Designers’ Nest competition and at the Paris Fashion Week. Her collection Global Nomad is currently taking a tour of the exhibition Ung Svensk Form and is a collection that went to the final in the International Competition Redress Design Award in Hong Kong last autumn. Her latest collection, DNA, was shown on Beckman’s exams show at the City Theater Theater in May. Next, it will appear on Design Students’ Selected 2018 at Formex in August.

Master of Couture
Pär Engsheden has been Program Manager for Fashion at Beckman’s Design College since May 2013 and is a lecturer in fashion design. He himself went to Beckman’s model line 1988-1991 and was already at school known for his skillfulness, extreme accuracy and precision for classical elegance.

Pär Engsheden works mainly with couture and is the Royal Court Supplier. For several years he has collaborated with Sara Danius, a professor of literature at Stockholm University, and together with her has created a number of attentive dresses she has been wearing on official occasions.

Over the years, he has received several honors. He has been elected to the Stockholm Skräddaremästaregille, a membership testifying to high professionalism, and honorary prize winner at Ellegalan 2011. In 2013, he was awarded as one of the first fashion fairs ever the royal medalist Illis Quorum of the Minister of Culture .

About Bernadotte Art Awards
The Bernadotte Art Awards is awarded annually to five prize winners in the categories of music, theater, art and design. The prize was established in connection with the late designer Prince Sigvard Bernadotte’s 75th birthday. Scholars were celebrated with a gala at Waldemarsudde on June 5th.

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