Berghs challenges influencers to eat old food – for the environment

By on April 30, 2018

Old milk, cheese with green edges and cucumber that have become soft at the edges. Here are some examples of what Swedish influencers are eating on exhortation from Bergh’s students. Through the UN One Planet Network program, they have created the #TasteOrWaste campaign to put light on the food industry in Sweden.

World Cup medalist Adam Holm, food blogger Yannick Lagher and influencern Dasha Girine are some of the bloggers who in videos at social media challenge each other in how old food they dare to eat. Peter Repinski of the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) is one of the initiators, and according to him, the purpose is to show how much high quality food is thrown away.

– A more sustainable lifestyle is smart, fun and cool and, moreover, better for the planet. With this challenge, we hope that Sweden’s youth will think an extra time before throwing the milk just because the best date has passed, says Peter Repinski, project manager at SEI.

Idea from Bergh’s students

It is Bergh’s newest business area Berghs Studio, which connects clients with Bergh’s students, that is behind the campaign.

– SEI wanted inspiration to raise awareness among young people about the problem of all food being thrown away. We felt this was a clock-wise mission for our students. They are the target audience, says Tobias Lundqvist, CD at Bergh’s Studio.

In the #TasteOrWaste campaign, influencers smell, feel and taste the food before it is thrown.

– The big challenge was to move from environmental pointers to actually involving. To create something that Sweden’s young people not only want to see but also participate in, says Tobias Lundqvist.

“Scared environmental organizations”

Sabina Beldelius is one of the students behind the concept. She sees a great need for more creativity in the sustainability movement.

– Environmental organizations are far too afraid when it comes to take out the turns in the creative. It is often the same message that is said in the same way, but this customer has been fantastic. They trust that we understand the tonality, says Sabina Beldelius.

For the workgroup, the key was to let the target group communicate the message itself. By giving the influencers great creative freedom, the message is formed for each target group.

– We wanted to go from” talking at the kids way” to those who are to meet the message themselves can formulate. It became from moldy strawberries to professional food videos, says Sabina Beldelius.

#TasteOrWaste videos will be published in the coming weeks on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

Helena Olofsson, Food & Beverage