Beloved singer Googoosh to Stockholm International Fairs

By on December 21, 2016

On Christmas Day there will be a concert in Victoria Hall when singing artist and actress Googoosh return to Sweden. It was three years ago, Googoosh was in Sweden last and it has been a great demand for a concert. It is the events company Atish that underlie her comeback on a Swedish stage.

Googoosh was born in Tehran, Iran, and has been for almost whole life been active on stage and the silver screen, which has made her one of the region’s most beloved. In 2000, she made a comeback market after an absence, and since then she has made a number of tours. Right now she is out on Akse Khosoosi World Tour that began in Montreal 4 April 2015 and ends in Houston February 18, 2017. One of the stops on the tour is Stockholm and the Victoria Hall where the promises an evening of old favorites along with her latest masterpiece.

A few tickets are left for sale on

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