Bella & Filippa spreads summer heat

By on June 5, 2017

In February, Filippa Frisell and Isabella Snihs debuted in the Melodifestivalen with the contribution “Crucified”. The young pop duo was then the first ever born in the 20st century to participate in the competition. Last Friday they release their sequel “I Think of Yesterday” which is a beautiful pop song with a lot of summer feeling. The single is written by Bella & Filippa together with the producer Peter Hägerås and the songwriters Mats Frisell and Jakob Stadell (who also stands behind “Crucified”).

“We wanted to write a happy song that still has a depth and flirts with some retro sixties, while looking forward. We sat in the studio and jamed it all together! “- says Bella & Filippa.

Bella & Filippa from Upplands-Väsby became bonus sibling in 2012 and then began to create and play music together. But their friendship stretches further than that. They already met in the sandbox at 4-5 years and have since been the best friends. Over the past three years, they have been running a very successful music blog with over 50,000 followers where they put up covers of artists such as Coldplay, Shawn Mendez, Ed Sheeran and others. Their own music can best be described as acoustic pop and unique signum for them is that they both play acoustic guitar while delivering sweet vocals.

This summer they have several shows planned throughout the country, and they will host a popkollo for young musicians who are held in Vallentuna.

Listen to “I Think of Yesterday” here >>

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