Bees, flowers and building care at Julita gård in 2017

By on May 1, 2017

Buds burst and the cows languish out to the greenery – May 1 opens Julita gård for a new exciting summer. This year, the season is expanded with daily views and open in parks, exhibitions and buildings until the end of September.

New for this year are a number of theme weeks and theme days where visitors are given the opportunity to meet the museum’s experts and to engage in subjects such as building care, agricultural collections, motor history and hops. For the flower interested, the summer’s program is filled with a geranium day, arrow braiding course, flower hiking and the exhibition Julita’s garden during 500 years.

Pettson and Findus housing as usual in Pettsongården and can be found on site for play and bus between 12 June and 13 August. Pettsongården is open all season. A news for this year is the Bees Day on May 27 with activities for both young and old – quiz walk, flower hiking, lecture and children’s theater. On July 1st, Pettsson and Findus invite to the Farmers’ Day with pony riding, rabbit jumping and lots of fun for the whole family. In Historieverkstan, the older children can listen to stories of living and working at Julita gård in the 1920s and try to snarl, carpenter and build.

Midsummer celebration with the following folk music festival at Midsummer Day is one of the highlights of the summer. This year, the folk music festival celebrates the 90th anniversary and the park and the Skansen cottages are always filled with all games, bush games and folk music. Liked traditions such as kosläpp, Julitafestival and the Apple Days will also return in 2017.

See the full summer program here >>.

About Julita gård
By the lake Öljaren in western Södermanland lies Julita gård, a large estate with live farming and forest. Julita gård was in the Middle Ages a monastery, then royal farm and later nobility estate. During the 1900s an open-air museum was created by the last private owner, Lieutenant Arthur Bäckström. He donated Julita gård to the Nordic Museum, which since 1944 managed the goods. On the extensive property of the estate, the manor house is shown with all its buildings, the park, the orchard, the herb garden, the chapel, the Skansen cabins, croft and statarlängor.

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