Beatrice Eli has released “The Careful EP”

By on September 14, 2017

Last friday, Beatrice Eli released “The Careful EP” – a collection of songs about relationships and the feeling of being lost in love and losing oneself to it. Beatrice has written the songs and produced the EP together with Nisj (Silvana Imam, Erik Lundin and others) – she comments on this as follows:

When I created this EP, I focused on what came naturally to me, I did not overlook which chords I used and I only kept tunes that felt good to sing. In production, I treated the songs as if I did remixes on them. It gave me creative freedom, there was no right or wrong way to produce the tracks, no definite genre I had to stay in.

Beatrice Eli describes her music as MIDI punk, a kind of resistance to the hard-to-reach and polished. The need not to define its craft or to fear the complexity of its musical expression and the desire to explore this in itself, in the creation process and on stage, all of this proves that Beatrice is someone to keep an eye on. Listen to the EP here>>

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music