“Be able to stand the wait” by Leia

By on November 20, 2017

Be able to stand the wait
Soon tomorrow again
A weekday again
Do not know what day
It starts again
A weekday
I know what it is
How is it going to work?
Do I want to
What do I want to do?
Something I do not understand
Something I do not know
What it is
I’m not afraid
Not for death
Not for what hurts
Am I terrified now
Am I uninterested
I can not stand and bawl
To those not available
To what has not been created
Give me a value
It’s my job
To give me
My own value
Some taste
I never get rid of it
In those hours
So slow
Is the taste very rich
So deep bitter sweet
I can spit for hours
It is still there
The bitter sweet taste
It hurts so badly now
Is it to late in life
Now here
Says hi
Saying welcome
So dark
So gray
An inner complaint
An unjust right
Of own promises
That’s not promised
For someone else
the silk mittens
I never bored
Is not missing
The rough … the hard
What I know
On my hands
There is a pride there
There is a life there
Be day ….
A weekday
There is a pride there
There is a life there

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