Backstage – the metoo debate is captured in the newly written play at Teater Giljotin

By on March 31, 2019

On April 12, the newly written play Backstage by Emerson Berglund, Inger Edelfeldt and Kia Berglund has it’s first performance at Teater Giljotin. In the roles we see Jacob Ericksson, Angela Kovács, Julia Marko-Nord, Josef Säterhagen, Björn Wahlberg and Åsa Widéen. For direction stands Kia Berglund, artistic director at Teater Giljotin.

During the rehearsal work with Richard III, old conflicts in the ensemble will surface. In the seduction scene between Richard III and Lady Ann, the actress Inga breaks together. The work is interrupted. The entire theater ends up in crisis. What exactly has happened? And how should the theater solve the situation?

Dramatic trio began the writing process during the metoo-autumn 2017 and is now after public readings, reference groups and actor workshops at the start of rehearsal. Backstage gets it’s first performance on April 12 at Teater Giljotin and in the play format includes a closing audience conversation where those who want get the opportunity to discuss the play with the director and the actors.

– In Backstage, we use the theater form to embody a situation that is in many ways about power relations. I hope that the play will be an opportunity to call our own thought patterns and to lift the perspective outside of the personal (or: the personal debt and shame), says Kia Berglund, director and playwright.

– The characters in Backstage are caught in a structure – but they handle the captivity in different ways, depending on who they are and where they want. In order for the public conversation to be interesting afterwards, there must be some unanswered questions so that the discussion can continue, says Inger Edelfeldt, who with Backstage makes her fourth play for Teater Giljotin.

– The challenge has primarily been to find a balanced perspective, where several voices may be heard and where we find the complexity that exists to read between the rows in the debate, says Emerson Berglund who makes his dramaist debut with Backstage.

Backstage is Teater Giljotin’s own production in collaboration with Kulturhuset Stadsteatern.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Vasastan