Backpacks from Tula

By on September 27, 2018

Third generation backpacks from Tula for children – The backpack is made of a qualitative water repellent material that makes it easy to keep it clean. Tula child’s backpack holds everything from school stuff, snacks and things to your own adventure. The size works from smaller children and upwards.

Tula Backpack Transform
Stylish, black and white striped backpack with plenty of storage.

Tula Backpacks Marigold
To all Marigold fans, now you have the backpack that matches the baby carrier.

Tula Backpack Unicornicopia
Finally! For Tula, the unicorn is holy. Now there is also a backpack.

Tula Backpack Safari
For all animal lovers, Safari is the obvious choice. Everything from lions to flamingos.

Tula Backpack First Place
If the days are full of jumping and playing, this backpack is big R.

Tula Backpack Chomp
Irresistible. And a lot of sharks.

Helena Olofsson, Gadgets