By on March 21, 2019
Meri Säynätkari

A Baby has been born to deliver Stockholm’s best catering and private dining experience.

Forget about everything you know about fine dining and new nordic! Now Baby is here to deliver Fun dining and Twisted Nordic. Unique food combinations, high quality raw materials and a modern attitude are Baby Stockholm. With a purpose in mind: delivering your life’s meal experience.

Running a business is like taking care of a Baby. In addition, the name symbolizes the properties of the food that BABY will provide – not completely ripe, unpredictable and does not care about any rules or techniques. BABY creates feelings and experiences that customers never knew before, it creates food that people have never tasted before. After leaving BABY, customers should feel newborn and happy – just like a BABY.

Behind Baby is Marcus Jansson with experience from Michelin kitchen, master chef, the Swedish Embassy and this year’s chef.

That it should taste good is a matter of course…

“Try to remember the most perfect bite you have ever had. At first it’s a bit strange and you wonder what’s going on in your mouth, after that everything around you stops for a second. You slowly come back to reality and get slightly mad because you didn’t know what just happened, then the chills come, and you feel it down to your feet and your smile grows bigger than you thought was possible. Enjoy. There are several courses to come.”

BABY STHLM- Fun dining Sthlm AB

Helena Olofsson, Food & Beverage | Stockholm