Axel Schylström interprets Christmas Classic “Mer Jul”

By on November 24, 2016

Axel Schylström broke through on Idol in 2015, where he charmed the jury and the Swedish people and ended in fourth place. In 2016, Axel interspersed writing studio sessions with lectures throughout Sweden about the accident that changed his life and motivated him to become a musician.

He is currently preparing the launch of its next material with new songs in Swedish that will be released during 2017. In order to warm up their fans ahead of the launch next year he releases now his own interpretation of Adolphson & Falk’s Christmas classic “Mer Jul”. The original song is now Sweden’s most streamed Christmas song in Swedish.

“I’ve made a completely different interpretation of the song to make it stand out from all the other Christmas songs released right now,” said Axel.

Listen to “Mer Jul” in Spotify here!

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