Axel Schylström beds for success

By on June 11, 2017

After the Melodifestivalen and the success with the contribution “När Ingen Ser” Axel Schylström returns with another hit. The new single “Tagen På Sängen” wrote Axel together with Behshad Ashnai, who also wrote the latest single, and Gustav Efraimsson who previously worked with David Lindgren and Eric Saade. The song is about the problems that easily consume on relationships, but in the end, the love wins.

“It feels so damn fun, will be nice to finally let the rest of the world hear it!” says Axel.

Axel, 24 years old, has suffered much despite his young age. In 2012, the day before taking the student, he received 16,000 volts through the body and third degree burns over most of his body. Axel has over the past few years read about her destiny and the importance of moving on and living. He kick started the music career through his participation in Idol 2015, and continued his brilliance in this year’s Melodifestivalen festival.

Listen to “Tagen På Sängen” here >>

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