Award-winning photographers display their images on the Photo Fair

By on September 21, 2016

This year is visited Photo Fair of several renowned photographers that will display their images in a joint exhibition. Some of those involved are nature photographer Serkan Günes, portrait portrayer Victoria Söderström, Alison De Mars which followed the lives of a Swedish indoor swimming pool and Jens Andersson, who documented the vulnerable people in their everyday lives. Photo fair is 11 to 13 November at the Stockholm International Fairs.

Serkan Günes “The Land of Eight Seasons”
The award-winning photographer Serkan Günes changed Stockholm urban life against the wilds of Lapland. With the project “The Land of Eight Seasons“, he has through his camera discovered Swedish nature and photographed the vast landscape as well as details of where his ability to catch the light has become his trademark. Serkan was born in 1980 in Istanbul and splits his time between Stockholm and Lapland.

Victoria Söderström “Staged photography
Victoria uses the camera as her tool to design her visions, which focuses on telling a story with each picture rather than to capture a moment. She creates timeless images where the viewer aware of both the concept and mystery. The exhibition “Staged photography“, she shows how she interpreted it in a series of portraits. She has a background in studies in both photography and psychology. She was born in 1984 in Skelleftea but lives nowadays in Norrköping.

Alison De Mars “Sink/Swim
Alison De Mars, born 1976, is a freelance photographer with Flemish and Finnish roots, but lived in Stockholm since adolescence. With her picturesque, dark photographs she wants to show people as well as places in a new light, or rather, dim. The exhibition Sink/Swim she explores an ordinary Swedish swimming from a psychological perspective. In the meeting with water, space and weightlessness are an echo of teens, Date-scented dressing room but also an inside story about getting to the surface.
Jens Andersson “The importance of being seen”
Jens Andersson has documenting the homeless, made international advertising campaigns in the fashion and art and photo exhibitions held around the world, from Tokyo via Amsterdam to New York. The exhibition “The importance of being seen” contains images is about acknowledgment and participation. For five years he portrayed a hundred vulnerable people. The basic idea was to give back the pictures to everyone who was there. These could be used as gifts to parents, children or other people in one’s vicinity.
Photo Fair is a meeting place for all who have an interest in photography. For three days you will get visitors to experience a photo fest filled with inspiration, product information, photo exhibitions and free workshops.
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