Award winning jewelry designer creates unique At Six-collection

By on February 16, 2017

Kristina S. Vučković is the designer who in one year launched a successful debut collection, won the Swedish Fashion Talent 2017 and now creates the signature jewelry for the new lifestyle hotel At Six at Brunkebergstorg. ‘The X Collection’ is hand-forged with an avant-garde unisex theme where the hotel icon will be in focus.

Last year launched Kristina S. Vučković with own KSV Jewellery premiere collection “Prologuethat mixes minimalism with strong expressions of unisex jewelry. It got a fantastic reception and recently she was awarded the Swedish Fashion Council’s prize “Swedish Fashion Talent 2017“.

In collaboration with At Six has Kristina during the autumn produced a specially designed collection of jewelry and accessories. The unique X-jewelry will be worn by employees, but also be on sale at the hotel. Kristina’s avant-garde style is the leitmotif of the collection that includes both necklaces, as bracelets, rings, earrings and pins. The jewelery is hand-forged in Kristina’s Stockholm studio in oxidized silver, gold plated brass and silver.

For us is Kristina Vučkovićs design style a perfect match, says Jennie Hahmann Håkansson, CEO of At Six. To get to adorn our employees, and hopefully guests, in jewelry and accessories that combine elegance with innovative artistic expression gives another dimension to the experience of At Six.

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