Avicii Music AB invests in new Swedish natural energy drink!

By on December 11, 2016

Mode Cold Brew

The 100 percent natural energy drink!

Avicii Music AB stepping in as investors.

A bottle Fashion Cold Brew contains double dose of natural caffeine on a regular energy drink.

No sugar, sweeteners or chemical additives. Only natural energy from coffee and water.

Each bottle sold will contribute to clean water in Kenya.


December 7, 2016, Stockholm: Avicii Music AB invests in Mode Cold Brew, the new and groundbreaking energy drink is now available at select stores around Stockholm.

In the studio, I have always relied me to the energy drinks until I found cold brew coffee! When the opportunity came up to be involved in the Sweden launch of the Mode Cold Brew felt directly as an obvious project to get involved in, and when I tasted Mode the first time was it confirmed!” says Tim Bergeling on Avicii Music AB.


It all started with a simple question. How is it that all energy drinks, even those who claim to be “healthy contain sugar, sweeteners or chemical additives?

While more and more Swedes embrace a healthier lifestyle with healthy eating and drinking habits, so does the use of these energy drinks. Healthy options are, ironically, almost impossible to find on the lookout for a refreshing energy boost.


Mode Cold Brew therefore offers a perfect hybrid of traditional coffee and energy drink developed together with some of Sweden’s top baristas. With only two natural ingredients, Kenyan coffee beans and Swedish waters, containing bottle 25 cl twice as much caffeine (160 mg) as a regular energy drink. No sugar, no sweeteners and no chemical additives. Only natural and tasty energy.

Mode Cold Brew is different from iced coffee, which is brewed hot and then cooled, usually with added sugar. Cold brew is brewed instead by putting the coffee into ice-cold water for up to 24 hours. Because coffee is never heated so emphasized the good flavors, the bitterness disappears and acids reduced by 67%, making coffee easier on the stomach, teeth and breath.


Each bottle sold Mode Cold Brew contributes to 50 liters of clean water for the Kenyan population through a partnership with the organization Solvatten. A matter of course for us as 17 million Kenyans currently lack access to clean water.

Mode Cold Brew is already at retailers like Urban Deli, Panini and Blueberry Lifestyle.

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