Autumn salon 2017

By on April 16, 2017

Now is the application for Autumn Salon 2017 open!

The autumn salon shows Swedish photography at its best and is a tribute to all photographers, established as well as amateurs. All Swedish citizens and those who are in Sweden for a long time are welcome to apply with still, moving or photographic sculptures. In total, 2326 photographers searched for Autumn Salon 2016, 31 photographers were accepted. The oldest participant was born in 1950, the youngest 1991. The exhibition was seen by more than 73,000 visitors.

The autumn salon 2017 opens October 6, 2017.

Jury Autumn Salon 2017:
Anette Nantell, photographer Dagens Nyheter
Patrik Steorn, Musei Manager and Associate Professor, Thielska Galleriet
Helene Schmitz, photographer
Britta Lund, Founder LundLund
Johan Vikner, Exhibition Coordinator Photographic

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Questions and answers

Who can apply to the Autumn Salon 2017?

All Swedish citizens and persons who reside or stay for a longer period in Sweden and are at least 18 years old are welcome to apply. Otherwise there are no restrictions, you do not need to be a professional photographer to participate in the Autumn Salon 2017.All Swedish citizens and persons who reside or stay for a longer period in Sweden and are at least 18 years old are welcome to apply. Otherwise there are no restrictions, you do not need to be a professional photographer to participate in the Autumn Salon 2017.

When can I apply?

The application opened Tuesday, April 11th and closes on Sunday, May 7 at 23:55.

How do I register?

To the autumn salon 2017 you apply by uploading 1-12 low resolution image files via an application form on Fotografiska’s website. Approved image file formats are jpg, tif, png and gif. Each image must be max 2 MB. In the form you also enter your personal information and write a short text of up to 500 characters excluding spaces about your photos or your photography. This text will be presented in the exhibition together with your photographs if you are accepted to the Autumn Salon 2017. Next to each uploaded image file, you indicate how big that photograph is in real life (with frame) or the size you think the photo will be produced in if it is accepted for the autumn salon.
If you wish to apply for an installation, you may want to upload installation images of the work.
If you wish to apply for moving material, use the same application form as if you applied for a still image, but write a clear reference in the text box that your work is submitted via Then upload your contribution to and send to Do not enter your name in the movie’s file, as the application process will be anonymous.

Does it cost anything to sign up?

No, the application is completely free.

How many photos or moving works can I apply?

1-12 photographs in format jpg, gif, tif or png. Each image file must be max 2 MB wide. If you apply for moving work, we wish you to send up to 3 pieces.

Is there any topic to relate to?

No, it’s completely free.

What happens with my application?

When you upload your image files and information in the application form, everything is collected in an anonymous folder with a serial number. This is because the selection process is done anonymously, so the jury does not know who the photographer is when they look at your pictures.

Who is in the selection jury?

The members of the selection jury will be presented shortly.

When do I get notified if I’m assumed or not?

Admission notice will be sent by email latest week 24.

What happens if I am accepted?

The jury may have chosen one or more of your submitted contributions. Once you have received a positive acceptance message, you will be able to produce your works, print and frame or other assembly. You can of course apply already finished photographs. If you are assumed with a moving work, then Fotografiska the technique.

Where can I print my photos?

For example, Crimson or ProLabbet. You decide if and how to frame and/or mount your pictures. The choice is yours! Do not forget that the final size of each work must be the same as you entered in your application.

Does Fotografiska pay for the production of selected works?

No, but all assumed photographers are awarded a production refund. You can use the contribution as you wish. This applies even if you apply for a moving work.

If I’m accepted, when will I submit my finished photographs to the exhibition?

If you are assumed, you will submit your photographs directly to us on Fotografiska during week 39. Exact dates and times will be announced later.
You can also submit your works by post, at your own expense, by week 38, to the following address:
Fotografiska, att: Lisa Hydén, Stadsgårdshamnen 22, 116 45 Stockholm
Moving works are submitted or posted as digital files on a USB memory.
Note! Your submitted/sent photographs must be ready to be displayed. You can therefore not complete with a frame or the like after the submission date.
If you do not leave your work on time, you will unfortunately not be able to attend the exhibition.

When does the exhibition open?

Vernissage for Autumn Salon 2017 is Thursday, October 5th. The first public date is Friday, October 6th. More information will be provided later.

Are my photographs for sale?

All works in Autumn Salon 2017 are for sale. You as a photographer decide which price your pictures should have (including 25% VAT). In case of any sale, the profit (sales price excluding VAT and production refund) is shared between you and Fotografiska. Do you have a company, you can invoice your replacement for Fotografiska. Fotografiska can otherwise pay your payment directly to your account together with a receipt.

Will my photos be used in the media?

Through your application to the Autumn Salon 2017, you acknowledge that Fotografiska is authorized to use accepted photographs as press photos in the marketing of Autumn Salon 2017 on all platforms, for example by publishing on Fotografiska’s website, Fotografiskas Instagramkonto and Facebook page, in printed material such as Fotografiska’s exhibition leaflet and own newspaper, in advertising and marketing materials related to the exhibition, as well as through free distribution to press and media. If published, the photographer’s name will be clearly displayed. Fotografiska is entitled to use the press pictures for future marketing linked to the Autumn Salon 2017 after the exhibition ends.

Can I get back my photos after the exhibition?

Yes, unless they have been sold, of course. The photographs are picked up at Fotografiska after the end of the exhibition. Exact dates and times are announced later. If you are unable to retrieve your photos, Fotografiska can offer postal or transport facilities at a cost price based on market price. Not picked up works will be shredded. Moving works will be deleted from Fotografiskas hard drives.

Tip how to choose images

Make a first selection. Please write them out. Select again. Create a series, theme, or choose a single image. Do you feel like you can stand for your selection? What do you want to tell? What does the pictures mean to you? Can you understand or enjoy the picture even if you were not there when it was taken? Try on somebody!

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