Autumn revival of Improvisation Studio 2017

By on September 16, 2017

Now it’s finally time for the new premiere of Improvisationstudio’s featured performances Hetero, Stockholmare and Albert Häggblom Show.

First out is Hetero saturday, september 23, where Improvisationstudie again puts the heterosexual relationship under the loup. In the improvised humor show HETERO – humor for heterosexuals and their friends free dives improvisers in the heterosexual world.

Improvisers seek answers to how the rules for heterosexual relationships looks like: How long can I talk to one of the opposite sex at a party? Why do heteros associate in intercourse with friends? Can I have a best friend of the opposite sex and why is a heterosexual relationship almost always equal to monogamy?

In order to get into the depths of the heterosexual rulebook, the improvisers together with the director have done solid research on the topic. This has been done by reading scientific studies as well as self-help books, interviewing heterosexuals and taking part in heterosexual art and culture.

The performance Stockholmare has a new premier on September 29th. What is actually a Stockholmer? The performance is about that with humor catch sight of the big city human and finding out how she is and where she is heading. In the play, the audience is asked how their way to Stockholm looked, why they came here, how long they have been here and how their lives look like now here in our city. The stories are then portrayed by three improvisers and a musician on stage.

The improvised talk show Albert Häggblom Show, led by Finnish-Swedish actor and artist Albert Häggblom, is guested every time by someone with Finnish-Swedish or Swedish-Finnish background. In addition to a crackling and joyful life game, where we get to know the guest’s life, career and secrets, Albert, along with the guest, also solves how it is to be neither Swedish nor Finnish, and what prejudices, problems and pleasures it may mean to be Finnish-Swedish in Sweden.

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Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm