Autumn market at the Medieval museum 2017

By on October 25, 2017

Come and bargain-hunt crafts at the Medieval museum’s annual marketplace.
Saturday 28 October 12.00-17.00

Shop solid craft and jewelry in leather, wood and glass. Try our armor in medieval style and learn the needle strap. Enjoy the dinnert table and have a small snack. And listen to the captivating medieval tones from Kalabalik!

Free admission – but please take cash, several craftsmen do not have the opportunity to accepting card payments.


Ahlsen’s genuine ironsmith

Amergin Leather Craft

Beadmaker (glass beads)

Hugi’s historical handicraft and utility items

Lady Marion’s arches and things

Maggies ceramics

My Honey (Viking Handicrafts)

Pinglan Vargtass (plant colored silk, lingarn, beeswax, twisted drawstrings of silk)

Stenströms armor maker

Unicorn Craft (jewelry)

Weeping goat crafts (brass work)

Anorlunda design (spices, apple products, wood plates, plant dyed fabrics)

Asadesign & metod (Needle Binding and Plant Coloring)

Glowacki (medieval toy weapon)

Hughnagild Arts and Crafts Association (Mixed Crafts)

Lena Stålklinga (jewelry and visitors can make their own jewelry against a money)

Yllisar (woven bracelet, seat cushions, bowls and hats)

Nordic Ice by Annelie Gerhardsdotter (medieval inspired jewelry in silver wire with stones)

Kalabalik plays:

12.00 outside the museum if the weather permits, otherwise in front of the rider inside the museum

13.30, 15.00 & 16.00 in front of the rider inside the museum

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm