Autumn holidays with blood suckers, fairy tales and pandas

By on October 24, 2018
Discover the Naturhistoriska Riksmuseet during the holidays

How does the Moose fur feel? How big a wingspan has a sea eagle? What can bear poop tell you? And how does Sweden’s largest owl sound? A really exciting autumn holiday with fascinating animals, evening openings, competitions and fun activities. Now the museum is loading for the most visited week of the year. Every day, the Workshop is open. At Cosmonova, the new movie Pandas has premiere – a film about friendship and joy for the whole family.

The museum is open on Friday 26 October, visitors are invited to activities in the flashlight shine, views at Cosmonova and the open-air restaurant.

“We know that there are a lot of people who want to come to the museum when the darkness has come to light. Yes, there are too many a dream and an experience to be in our amazing house after closing. That’s why it’s extra fun to start the autumn holidays with an evening opening tonight filled with autumn mood and exciting activities” says Louise Tenn, Program Manager at the Museum of Natural History, and concludes that everyone is warmly welcomed. Please take your flashlight!

Autumn Holidays October 27 – November 4, 10-18. Evening open October 26th, at. 18-21. Free entrance!

Evening open at the museum and views at Cosmonova 26/10
An exciting evening’s visit to the flashlight’s shine! The museum is open after closure with a visit by the night watchman, ghost stories in the cove, evening shows at Cosmonova and lots of other fun. Please come dressed and celebrate the holidays! Feel free to have a flashlight and greet all the animals.

During the evening, Pandas has premiere of Cosmonova, be one of the first to see it!
During the evening, the restaurant is open with food and refreshments for young and old. The museum’s lighting for the evening together with music and sounds creates a wonderful atmosphere. Do not miss this special evening!
When: Friday 26 October at 18-21

October 27 – November 4:

The workshop is open all week
Unleash the creativity of our creation workshop. Why not make a pink moose? Or a spotted fox? Here’s just the imagination that sets the limits. In the museum’s workshop we create, among other things, clay, paper, watercolors, glitter and sequins. On site, our talented staff will help. Cost 40 SEK / child incl. co-creating adult.
When: Every day at. 12-16

Premiere of Pandads at Cosmonova
Soft, playful, wonderful – and important to rescue! Pandor moves into Cosmonova as of October 26th. Our movies are featured in the world’s largest IMAX format.
Autumn holidays: 10.15 – 17

See exciting items and compete
We have selected items from our collections that you can take a closer look at. Learn more about the hedgehog, squirrel and pat on a moose skin! You do not miss our competition? Do you know, for example, why the bear digs into old marshes? Fits all curious, small as big.
When: Every day under the holidays

Meet the museum’s researcher in Forskarfnatt
What can bear poop tell you? What does a bear eat? Learn about bears and DNA in Forskarfnatt! Come and ask our experts.
When: Sunday 4 November at 12-15

Dino-Doris tells about dinosaurs for all children
Meet Dino-Doris, passionate prospective dinosaur researcher. She tells her absolute favorite subject and shows how a paleontologist works. The view is free.
When: October 27 and November 3, 12, 13 and 14

Fairytails for the very least
Listen to an exciting story about animals and nature in Sweden – in our cozy bunkhouse. For children 2-4 years. Free entrance.
When: Every day under the promise

This event is held in Swedish!

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