Autumn Fair at the Museum of Medieval Stockholm

By on October 22, 2016

Autumn big medieval market! Buy jewelry, bows, arrows, armor and crafts in leather, ceramics, glass and yarn. Try our knight’s armor, test the pin bond, teeming among musicians and tempted by treats.

Saturday, October 29 12:00 to 17:00

Free admissionbut bring cash, several artisans are unable to take payments by card.


Studio Blue Crow – pottery

Yllisar – felted crafts

Pinglan Vargtassplant dyed silk yarn / thread

Stenstrøm armor makersarmor parts

Beadmaker – glass beads

Iduna candy – old-fashioned fudge and toffees

Amergin Leather Craft – Leather crafts

Lady Marion bows and things – Medieval bows and arrows, medieval-inspired chocolates

Hughnagildi craft tradesmedieval crafts

Ahlséns authentic wrought-iron – medieval ironwork

Unicorn Craft – medieval jewelry

Evendim Crafts – brick bands etc.

Maggie pottery, medieval pottery

The music group Fake Geese entertains

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