Autumn 2018 at Dansens Hus

By on May 14, 2018

1 classic.
10 Swedish guest games.
2 overseas companies.
13 female original creators.
2 guest play’s with the roots deep in the Spanish flamenco soil.
Also 45 views of “Tree”.
Welcome to the autumn of 2018 at Dansens Hus!

First on our big stage is the Chinese TAO Dance Theater (CHN) which is now making a long-awaited visit. 2016 they showed the suggestive “6 & 7” for two fully sold salons. Now we look back in their history to the works “4 & 5”. (6-7 September, Big Stage)

During the spring’s street festival Urban Connection, Ambra Succi (SWE) has the first performance for her new show LYSSNA. A performance with a desire to raise questions about violence and vulnerability in the suburbs of Stockholm. In September, the performance returns to our big stage for a few more performances. (September 13-16, Big Stage)

French duo Héla Fattoumi and Éric Lamoureaux (FRA) bring along seven dancers and seven swaying sculptures to the work “Oscyl” – in a careful, honest exploration of the “other.” (27-28 September, Big Stage)

Israeli choreographer Sharon Eyal (ISR) is acquainted with the Swedish dance audience through several well-known collaborative projects, including the Göteborg Opera and the Royal Ballet, where she last year showed the acclaimed “Half-Life”. To Dansens Hus she comes with “Love Chapter 2” that she created in her own company L-E-V. (5-6 October, Big Stage)

In October comes the Spanish flamenco legend Israel Galván (ESP) with his acclaimed “FLA.CO.MEN” – a performance with the roots of traditional flamenco but with Galvána’s own twist of avant-garde. Like the newspaper Daily Express reviewer Neil Norman said: “To call Galván a brilliant dancer is like saying Einstein was pretty good at physics. I’ve never seen anything remotely like him.” (12-13 Oct, Big Stage)

In the same week as Israel Galván, we build on the flamenco theme with Swedish Sofia Castro’s “Pulso” – a flamenco performance based on something as essential as the heart’s pounding. (10-11 Oct, Little Stage)

In the autumn of 2016 Mette Ingvartsen (DEN) drew great audience to her “7 Pleasures”. Now she is back with “to came (extended)” which is part of the same suite where Mette explores the naked body, pleasure, lust and how pornography changed our relationship to sexuality. (19-20 Oct, Big Stage)

Mari Carrascos (SWE) “Paper plane” has already been touring the country through the Riksteatern. Now it’s showing two nights on our big stage. “Paper plane” offers a visual world filled with aircastle, longing, dreams and courage. The music in the performance was composed by world-renowned composer Mikael Karlsson who worked with, among others, Lykke Li.

A modern classic of Anna Teresa de Keersmaeker is “Rosas danst Rosas” from 1983, performed by her own company Rosas (BEL). Now the Swedish audience finally gets the chance to see it. One of the absolute must of the season! (15-16 Nov, Big Stage)

Autumn ending on our big stage is Circus Cirkörs (SWE) “Epifónima”. A brand new, visually stunning adventure from the country’s largest new circus company. For the direction stands the company’s founder and artistic director Tilde Björfors, who together with seven female circus artists challenges traditional hierarchies.

The little stage will be offering five first performances this autumn, a celebrated children’s performance, flamenco pulse, debutants as well as true veterans – and a visit that has traveled all the way from Canada.

It is seven years ago (2011) that Cristina Capriolis compani ccap had a first performance of the poetic children’s show “Tree”. The place was just Dansens Hus. Now it has twisted the circle around, and once again lands on our little stage. The performance is primarily played as a school show for pre-school and special education, but it will also be shown as an open installation for the public in mid-September. (September, the Little Stage)

The Late Night concept lives on! This fall with two young Swedish choreographers who get the opportunity to showcase new works. First out are Philip Berlin, Stockholm-based dancer and choreographer who worked with Gisèle Vienne and Cristina Caprioli. In the fall’s first Late Night he has the first performance for his “Rough Potentials”, which he describes as “Extas, engulfment and intensely rising sounds.” (27-28 Sept, Little Stage)

During the second late night of the season, it is time for dancer Shirley Harthey Ubilla to solo-debut as a choreographer on our stage. Last autumn she showed a work in progress in our studio about lesbianism and witness. In “Abject of Desire” she has moved on to her first solo work. (26-27 Oct, Little Stage)

In October and November we meet two Swedish veterans who both explore different forms of memories. First, Gunilla Heilborn, who in “The Book” will try to construct a system that holds the memory of all humanity (2, 3, 4 Oct, the Little Stage). In November, Helena Franzén has premiered for her new work “Trace Element” – the third part of her trilogy of human memory. (7-8 nov, Little Stage)

The MELO collection has previously shown several appreciated performance for special students at Dansens Hus. In November, they have the first performance for “a place” – a collaboration project with students from the Kung Saga special school and the singing improvisation group Format. (22-23 Nov as well as school performances, the Little Stage)

Through Dansnät Sweden, Canadian Clara Furey & Peter Jasko (CAN) come to Sweden with “Untied Tales”. One of the stops on the tour is our Little Scene where they will arrive in late November. (28-29 nov, Little Stage)

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm