Autistic perspective takes place at Konstfacks Spring Exhibition

By on May 17, 2018

The artist wants to highlight that since autism is primarily regarded as a pathological state, the pronounced autistic identity makes an obstacle rather than an opportunity for greater understanding in contact with the norm community and how marginalized groups as racialized and non-heterosexual are excluded entirely within the prevailing view of autism.

Even the exhibition room has been designed for welcome and includes autistic visitors.

“Many of us who work with visual communication look at our internship as a political tool, something that allows us to create change. I look at my own practice in the same way, but being able to identify myself as an autist is also politically meaningful to me. Every time I paint, I am completely autistic. The fact is that every time I do something, or nothing at all, I’m totally autistic. And it is important that I say so, because there is never something else implied by others: my life is a constant autistic practice. Being autistic also means exercising its autism daily. There is nothing that comes naturally, at least not for us who got our diagnoses late in life. I’m improving myself more autistic now than I did before. I have developed autistic strategies to deal with my autistic difficulties. It has been a hard job, as this is not something we are encouraged to do or even offered as an alternative. The only way to succeed with this has been for me to spend time with and learn from other autistics. Being able to exchange experiences and support each other.”, says Nathalie Ruejas Jonson.

The exhibition will take place between 17-27 May 2018 in S9, Konstfack

LM Ericssons Road 14, Stockholm

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Telefonplan