By on April 3, 2019

Atreyu is the metalcore band from California, which since the late 90’s has created a name in the music world. The debut album “Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses” and the sequel “The Curse” was style-forming and the latest release “In Our Wake” from autumn 2018 is another success for Atreyu. Led by singer Alex Varkatzas, the five-man band is one of the metalcore’s largest. And May 30, they (+ Swedish Noija) come to Fryshuset in Stockholm!

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With songs like “Becoming The Bull”, “Blow”, “Right Side Of The Bed”, “Ex’s And Oh’s” and “The Time Is Now” (from the latest album), Atreyu has collected millions of streams and views. And one can understand why. It’s a band that always dared to go their own way and the fans have followed suit!

With the new album “In Our Wake”, the band is hotter than ever! The band’s drummer (and multi-instrumentalist) Brandon Saller describes the album best:
“I feel like this is the record that people will remember our band by. I’m saying that because the best parts of Atreyu happened on it. We’re continuing something we began a long time ago. This band means everything to me. We’ve been through incredible highs and incredible lows. We’ve loved each other, and we’ve wanted to kill each other. Somehow, twenty years later ,it’s reached a whole new level. I feel like we’re alive, and Atreyu has never been more on fire than we are now.”

We also hear Swedish Noija as support during the evening!
Through their DIY release of the album debut “Colorblind” (including the singles “Unknown” and “A Touch From The Sun”) Noija struck down as a bomb and has been a hot topic in music forum and social media since day one of the band’s existence. The new single “Rebirth” was released on March 29th.

We long for May 30!

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm