At table with Paolo Roberto

By on May 15, 2018

Paolo Roberto helps Körundas guests to unwind with training and food. Paolo Roberto becomes key person in the conference hotel Körundas new concept for enjoyment and relaxation. After a hard workout mingles the health profile with the guests and offers food and wine from his neighborhoods in Naples.

Enjoy top class food and good wines without bad conscience. At table with Paolo, the conference hotel Körunda’s new concept is called, where guests have the opportunity to let the stress of the week flow out of them during an evening of both mental and physical well-being.

After the training session that opens the evening, guests will be able to fully enjoy the Neapolitan food culture that Paolo Roberto has long been working on introducing in Sweden.

– Neapolitan cuisine is one of the great Italian cuisines, with pizza as one of the parade dishes. It’s a simple kitchen based on pure raw materials, with tomatoes, olive oil, a lot of vegetables and fish, says Paolo Roberto.

– It will be like coming home to us. I will present award winning and specially selected wines, which may not always is available on Systembolaget, and to that inspiring food. It will be the perfect evening for a date or for those who just need to disconnect their everyday for a while, with some exercise, dinner and a nice breakfast the following morning, says Paolo Roberto.

Popular training concept

Many of Körundas guests already know Paolo Roberto’s popular but rock-hard training weekends in the hotel’s scenic surroundings half an hour outside of Stockholm. With the concept At table with Paolo, started Friday night on March 16, there will be more room for relaxation.

– We want people to come here to enjoy the nature, the food and the amazing wines Paolo will offer. A simple workout, a good Friday afternoon and a bedded bed for the evening, all that we organize. The only thing guests need to do is shut down the phone and leave the stressful week behind them, says Ann-Charlotte Wahlstedt, who owns Körunda together with Paolo Roberto.

Helena Olofsson, Food & Beverage | Ösmo