At Six celebrates female entrepreneurship in new collaboration

By on October 16, 2018
Hand in Hand

From the late summer of 2018, At Six has begun a philanthropic collaboration with Hand in Hand, an organization that combats poverty through sustainable female entrepreneurship. At Six becomes a partner of the village Munyuini located in Gatundu, Central Kenya. The cooperation means that At Six commits itself for at least two years to assist and support the residents of Munyuini.

Hand in Hand is an international organization that operates in parts of Africa and Asia. The organization’s way of working is based on ideas from business and based on four education steps focusing on entrepreneurship and especially for women. The four steps are social mobilization, entrepreneurship education, financing and expansion, all to make people independent and come out of poverty.

At Six is an international workplace with employees from all over the world and it was the employees at At Six who themselves chose Hand in Hand as collaborative organization for their philanthropic focus. Through the collaboration, Hand in Hand will be a natural part of the working day at the hotel at Brunkebergstorg in Stockholm. It’s the employees who together develop ways to collect money, it can be from changing routines, thus creating a surplus that can go to Munyuini or sell pallets and custom-designed Hand In Hand x At Six Plates.

“To me personally, it is great to start this cooperation with a focus on female entrepreneurship and fighting poverty. For At Six, it’s a very important part of our culture, since day one, we have worked a lot with entrepreneurship and try to be as innovative as we can. I’m looking forward to the exchange and collaboration at several levels At Six and Hand in Hand have before us,” concludes Jennie Håkanson, Managing Director at At Six.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm