Assa Kauppi, “Frozen Fright”, 6.4 – 13.5 2017

By on April 6, 2017

Since Assa Kauppi’s breakthrough in 2011, she has won art sweden’s heart with her ever-present sculpture suites. The Race is Over (2011) and In Search of A Winner (2013) addresses issues of our time, competitive spirit and performance requirements. In her third solo presentation at Galleri Andersson/Sandström in Stockholm, she highlights once again the contemporary tendencies. Sculpture suite Frozen Fright consists of eleven different personalities with unique destinies but seem to share a universal feeling of fear and seriousness.

The eleven bronze sculpture’s location in the gallery room reminiscent of an aerial photo taken over a wider geographical area. Directly on the floor are human figures of different ethnicity and varied ages, as a segment of the world population glance spirit to the sky.

From the ceiling hangs hand-stitched parachutes of synthetic silk, the largest of which is up to one meter in diameter and gives the impression of being made of glass. Like the jellyfish tentacles hanging the parachute’s wires loose, as in occasional rest. In combination with the sculpture the expression deepened a sense of ambivalence, faces a potential danger or rescue?

The starting point for the work begun over two years ago. As the amount of alarming news about the world situation intensified, experienced Kauppi that the threat felt too overwhelming and found that people in general are becoming more feeble, dulled and frightened. “Fear is a bad advisor” says a Dutch proverb, and perhaps the fear is our greatest danger because frightened people tend to turn their fear into anger and take out that anger on others.

Assa Kauppi shows another effect that the fear has; it paralyzes us and we turn into passive spectators. At a safe distance, paralyzed in our TV sofas, we are witnessing the most horrible events, and most of us choose not to respond or even less action. So what is it we should fear most; wars and natural disasters, or the fact that the masses take note of the information without coping to bother? As a comment has Assa Kauppi allowed his characters to have the eyes of rhodium, a rare metal platinum. In their glassy gaze meets the viewer only the reflection of themself.


Frozen Fright
6.4 – 13.5 2017

Vernissage Thursday, 6 April at 17-20

Culture & Music | Stockholm