ARTLET – 27 minutes from Slussen

By on December 5, 2016

Saturday, December 10 at 13:00 inaugurates Heidi Trakowski, acting head of the Gustavsberg Porcelain Museum, the exhibition “ARTLET- 27 minutes from Slussen”. For the third year in a row sets the third year of the bachelor program for Ceramics and Glass at the College of Arts out on the Gustavsberg Porcelain Museum. Asa Jungnelius, artist and lecturer at the College of Arts presents the project.

In the exhibition we meet the third-year students from the Bachelor’s program Ceramics & Glass at the College of Arts. They have produced and reproduced works based on interpretations of Gustavsberg as a commercial game plan. In 1825 started the porcelain production in Gustavsberg and an industrial community grew out of the factory as hub. Today we see a Gustavsberg that still shaped by commercial interests, but where the factory is transformed from being a workplace to become a monument to something genuine and historically to contribute to tourism, consumption and high land values.

Here’s how the students formulates about their exhibition:

Under the name ARTLET we want to challenge the idea of the Swedish art industry as something more genuine than other industries and how an idea can distinguish a cup from a cup. With an area characterized by outlets and clearance sales can sense a gap between the brand and the reality . We dream happily of Swedish industry and forget that you can not swim in Farstaviken due to emissions from the former factory “.

Participating students are: Tova Berglund, Mari Anari, Hanna Hansdotter, Alvina Jakobsson, Simone Kuhs, Kristin Larsson, Hanna Lauberg, Anna Tedestam, Emmeli Rolleberg, Camille Polsk, Shay Greenblatt.

The exhibition is displayed at the Gustavsberg Porcelain Museum from December 10, 2016 until February 8, 2017.

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