Artcrafts in wood

By on September 29, 2016

We greet Lars welcome back to Gallery Hantverket, he has exhibited with us several times before. Now he shows a wall with about 45 pc heads carved in Chestnut. Lars says that “they are sprung from my movable inland.” He wants to show the different expressions also attitudes we have towards each other.

The fine cabinets have become a bit of Lars hallmark, all unique and with its own history. Now we see 10 lockers that belong in families. They are built of oak, ash and birch, each “family” in its wood and its pattern.

He also shows some great reliefs in alder and birch trees. Through broken screens, room dividers or decoration.

Wood has long been his main meterial, and it is there he worked on for the exhibition here. Even metal is present in his works sometimes, often as a complement to, for example, public works.

Lars Malm

Poultry, fish and a little bit in between

Artcrafts in wood

Exhibition at Gallery Hantverket


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