Art salon in Botkyrka will produce talents

By on June 23, 2018

Painting, portrait, photo, arts and crafts, graffiti series. Now, the artistic talents of Botkyrka will emerge in the light of a separate Autumn Salon with Liljevalch’s Spring Salon as a model. The salon, judged by the jury, is a collaboration between Subtopia, Botkyrka Art Hall and the Art Education Nyckelviks school.

The submission is open to the Botkyrka art salon, which opens on October 20th in Subtopia’s premises at Rotemannavägen 10 in Alby. The salon will accept applicants from 16 years and upwards and aim to raise the interest of Botkyrka residents in visual arts.

– We think Botkyrka is a real supercultural municipality, but pointed out that we lacked focus on visual arts. Somewhere the talent has to be seen and an art salon is such a great opportunity to show up with others. We do this of pure curiosity, one can say, says Pauline Sokolow, Subtopias, who is also in the jury.

In the jury there are also Miriam Andersson Blecher, head of Botkyrka Art Hall, which reopen in Fittja next summer, artist Saadia Hussein and Cecilia Darle, principal of the Nyckelviks school, offering high school preparatory education in arts, crafts, architecture and design.

– It will be fun to get acquainted with a completely different part of Stockholm. My hope is also, of course, that I will come into contact with young people who have thought about an artist’s course or a vocational education in art, but may not know which roads are available, said Cecilia Darle.

Saadia Hussain is an artist and art teacher and known as a mural painter, not least through her monumental work in Fittja.

– I am strongly motivated by the issue of class and creativity, and I see the need to visualize more voices, stories and creativity. An art salon in Botkyrka could really create motivation and platform that inspire more and make art relevant to more. I see my role in the jury as a great opportunity to include more in Swedish art, said Saadia Hussain.

In about a year, Botkyrka Art Hall opens in new premises in Fittja.

– In anticipation of our new art hall, this is a great opportunity to get to know Botkyrka’s talents and to establish new friendships with the residents and with Subtopia and one of Sweden’s top art education, says Miriam Andersson Blecher, Head of Botkyrka Art Hall.

Facts about Botkyrka Art Salon
The salon accepts works on paper as well as textiles and photos, etc.
You must fill 16 years 2018 (and up).
Deadline for submission: Thursday, September 20th
NOTE: Send photo!
Vernissage Day: Saturday, October 20th in connection with the Subtopics Day

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Botkyrka