Art installation with material from 13 years

By on May 30, 2017

Alberto Frigo has documented every dream for 13 years, photographed every object of his right hand has held in and filmed every public place he has sitting on. He now dispenses with his dissertation “Life-Stowing from a Digital Media Perspective: Past, Present and Future” on June 2.

Since 2004, Alberto has been running a project that runs until 2040, where he photographs every object his right hand holds in. These photos then become a record of his life. He documents and writes also down dreams and film new people he meets and public places he is sitting on. One of the goals of his dissertation was to clarify the difference between “automatic” life logging, for example, when you attach a movie camera to one’s clothes that record everything you do, and the more “artistic” variety where you manually make active choices, such as taking a photo or write down something.

Albertos hopes that his slightly different dissertation is something that inspires others to dare to think outside the box.

I think others can continue with similar research and be more active instead of being the traditional doctoral student, says Alberto. If there is anything you can learn from the way I conducted this research, is that it also inspired others to be active researchers, especially those in the humanities. They became more aware of their environment by using this method. It may seem artistic but in reality it’s a lot about documenting, tracking and keeping track of things. It’s about creating awareness about the values we live in and trying to present an overview.

An approach that Alberto used to try to understand how people look at this more artistic type of life logging is that he has an art installation with material from his 13 years of self-documentation. Thirteen people were allowed to visit the installation and read his signed dreams, see photos of objects he held in his right hand and films on different people around the world.

Usually, my kind of work is perceived as very narcissistic, but the result of the installation had nothing to do with the representation of myself, but the people saw this rather as a way to create a complete picture of reality, says Alberto.

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