Art Heroine hailed

By on March 17, 2017

On March 22 inaugurated artist Pia Sandström’s new work “Siri, the root and the observed humidity of the air” on Gullinge school in Tensta. The work is in pink, white, gray and black, and has been installed on the walls outside the school library and dining room. Figures and letters form words and playful associations that are in direct dialogue with the famous modernist artist Siri Derkert (1888-1973). Her very last monumental work, “Clean air, Clean water, Fertile soil” from 1972, is at the same school.

“Life is more important than profit,” “Science for survival”, “Up to fight against environmental poisons” were some of the messages. The focus was air pollution and environmental degradation, and the work included portraits of metal and concrete of Swedes disputed against the ongoing poisoning of air, water and soil. But what was it really that Siri Derkert wrote? To whom she wrote, and why? Whose is the place we are in and what’s around it today?

In Pia Sandström’s new works are poetic connections between being rooted in the locality and the roots cut off, as happened with some of Siri Derkert installation that was destroyed a stormy night in the 80s. The sculpture was broken by the wind envisioned a free-standing tree with two birds in the tree crown. It was never rebuilt.

For more than a Century has City of Stockholm placed works of art in schools and other public spaces. Public art offers the public the opportunity to everyday art experiences. Through a collaboration between Stockholm art and Tensta Konsthall has “Siri, the root and the observed humidity of the airbeen developed as a continuation of the year-long project Art detectives, where Pia Sandström and architect Stefan Petersson worked with students at the school to understand and make visible public art in the children’s environment. Gullinge school has about 300 students in primary and middle age, and is the million program Tensta first school which opened back in 1967.

Pia Sandström’s (Stockholm) work is based on the interest in social relationships and how the surrounding world affects humans. The work is expressed in various materials, such as text, sound and spatial installations. Sandström was educated at the Royal Academy of Art in Stockholm and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki. She has participated in solo and group exhibitions such as on Museum of Modern Art in 2013, where she showed a sound artwork specially produced for the exhibition Hilma af Klint. She has also exhibited at Bonniers Konsthall, Botkyrka Konsthall, Kiasma in Helsinki, ARTES in Porto and at the Venice Biennale of Architecture in 2014. Recent and upcoming exhibitions include Kalmar Art Museum, Marabouparken and design assignments in Kalmar for National Public Art and the Stockholm County Council of psychiatry premises Huddinge hospital.

The opening ceremony takes place Wednesday, March 22, at 12:50 next to Gullinge school canteen.

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