Art Bakery

By on December 8, 2018


Art Bakery is centered on innovation and creativity, and in everything from the bakery, the interior, the wall paintings and the food, art will be present. The venue is filled with color, shape and innovative flavors, where the range is always changing. Here Johan Sörberg, one of Sweden’s foremost bakers, together with Melanders Group gets a chance to experiment and challenge the classic range of pastries and food.

– My vision is to create a living bakery with an assortment of breathing artwork. The focus will be on taste, color, innovation and experimentation. I am excited about the opportunity offered by Art Bakery and I will create a moving range based on season and raw material availability. You will also be able to look into the patisserie, which convey the feeling to the guest, says Johan Sörberg.

In addition to the artistic trait that goes through Johans handicraft, as the name reveals, Art Bakery has been aiming at raising modern and innovative art and covering the walls of artists from various galleries, where Absolut Art is the first. The art is exchanged 3-4 times a year and exhibitions, AW’s and live art with the artists present will be given. The art is also available for purchase. Then add a painting to your breakfast sandwich on your way to work. In a separate section of the bakery you will find gourmet sandwich on freshly baked bread and a fresh salad bar for those who want to pick up their own lunch. Enjoy on site or bring along.

The bakery’s interior is signed Åke Axelsson, one of Sweden’s leading interior designers and furniture designer. The Art Bakery concept is well thought out and will attract many. Activities, pop-up stores and seasonally-based offerings give a reason to visit the bakery often.

– When it was clear that NK would grow and open completely new surfaces across the street, it was given to present something brand new. Art Bakery not only adds to our existing food departments without an urban water hole that breathes modern culture, timeliness and inspiration. We are, of course, very excited to work with Melanders Group and Johan Sörberg, prominent in their areas, said Andreas Edström, department store manager at NK in Stockholm.

Helena Olofsson, Food & Beverage | Stockholm